Let’s get the ball rollin’

Okay so i have FINALLY decided on what to start with after spending a good couple of years trying to find and then modify(in a day) an image of the Lighthawk Wings into Twilight Hawk Wings. Now my original thought of copying and pasting my first blogs post(only one due to my abandoning googles blogger service in protest of their censorship) HOWEVER that post is from late 2009 and i figured i could just link it http://wingsofthetwilighthawk.blogspot.com/(see told ya i could just link it). Ok so as you can see that won’t really work. So then i heard about Bandai and thought about writing a thing up about them. But then i though “Hmm wouldn’t that be kinda bad luck to write about a company closing as a first post”. Ok so that didn’t work. But now i have it or so i;d like to think. I shall be writing a series of reviews on various shows from Toonami.

You see i already own over half the anime Toonami aired and i was already planning on rewatching them in honor of it’s 15th anniversary. So i decided to ALSO write up a series of reviews on what i am watching. Now bear in mind these may not be the Toonami versions. Some such as Golion will be the Japanese version of shows that were HEAVILY modified others such as Dragonball WILL be in english but will also be uncut/uncensored while still others will be the same version such as Thundercats and yet others will be the same version such as Yu Yu Hakusho and then Sailor Moon will likely also include season 5 Sailor Stars in my review While Zoids will be a very rare case of my watching it in japanese for the first 15 or so episodes and then sadly being forced into the english version. So yes differences WILL exist from what you knew but as you can most likely tell i intend to cover as much of Toonami as i can.

Now i may very well review other series i may watch(such as airing anime like Ano Natsu de Matteru or Aquarion EVOL) or even some games(such as Tales of Graces F or Amalur) However most of my intitial posts shall indeed cover Toonami related items.And so as this posts Topic says Let’s get the ball rollin on this blog.