Why so serious?

Ok so I had a lot of stuff going on IRL for a bit, thus no posts but here i go again.

So i was reading an article on Kotaku about FPS games and if they’re too serious and while reading it this bit that I’m quoting caught my eye.

“Another reason why shooters take themselves so seriously revolves around the idea that we have become a culture that glorifies authenticity and realism all around. This is why reality TV has also become popular, why we we are delighted when we hear “based on a true story” and why we’re enraged when people who are catapulted into fame turn out to be lying about what they’ve gone through. We want our shooting to be vaguely contextualized in the “real,” just like everything else.”

And all I can think/say about this is that it’s not me AT ALL. I mean don’t get me wrong I can enjoy realism hell my mental image if a “real” fantasy battlefield would probably have Kratos and Master Chief both curled up in fetal position begging for mommy(yeah it’s THAT gruesome) so yeah I can handle realism. However I also can’t help but feel that too many people are obsessed with it. I mean come on don’t we have enough stuff in real life to get us down that we need all these other things?

I guess my other point is that it feels like seeking fun for fun’s sake regardless of target audience/age is considered “immature” when to me it seems that the TRULY mature ones can walk tall and proud about what they enjoy. I mean I love Anime & manga I have fun with video games of all almost all types. Hell even Power Rangers is on my Tivo and I enjoy a good silly episode of Phineas and Ferb. Yet i can also honestly say that Terra Nova was an amazing show i simply love Grimm and the Stargate franchise(universe aside) is probably one of my all time favorite series. Yet some would still call me childish for enjoying what i enjoy. So to them i say. Are the truly mature not those who can tolerate if not accept the differences in others. The truly strong are those who can walk with their head held high and those for whom being true to themselves is more comfortable than lying to oneself just for some fake friends or social acceptance.

Anyways i know I’m ranting but i truly do not get this obsession with hyper realism this idea of “You’re an adult if you dig tits asses and guns”. Sorry but I’ll take my swords and magic over guns pretty much any day. And i guess that’s my rant and my take on this sorta thing. I’ll probably get a review up sometime soon. Will probably be either a manga i may wind up marathoning if we DO have a power outage where i live soon or it might be Freezing or Sekirei. Either way hope you enjoyed this read.